Technology to transform us. Digital intimacy and true transformation are happening online everyday on CircleAnywhere. And we want to make it easy for you to feel it for yourself: we’re running free online intro events once a month (Find out more and register here).

Circling online

Priced for Affordability

Day Pass: $15

A 24 hour access pass starting from the date and time of your purchase.

Come discover for yourself


  • Develop your leadership
  • Deepen your presence
  • Transpersonal experiences
  • A deeper sense of letting go
Circling online

Month: $50

Unlimited access for a full month. This is where we see the most development and intimacy.


  • Best Value—$450 for the price of $50 (an 88% discount)
  • Really feel the international community
  • Feedback over time offers unique insights

Our Community on Circling Online

Members of our community discuss what they love about Circling Online. We hope this helps you sort out whether or not CircleAnywhere feels right for you and what wants to be expressed through you on your journey.

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