Integrating Your Weekend

After such a deep journey together it can be beautiful to go back into “everyday” life – it can also be quite a challenge. The matrix metaphor is a powerful one (a film where the main characters wake up from an enforced virtual computer generated world and realize a new level of possibility in themselves as they claim their freedom). This weekend deep connections and new freedoms surely felt empowering and nourishing. However, as in the movie the `real` world can at worst be dark, cold, and often hostile. We have found in our journey the divide between these two worlds of presence and connection on the one side and normality on the other have started to come together. This separation can start to dissolve as the deeper principles that circling reveals are trusted, especially in the face of hard feelings and truths in our lives.

As a continued support for you on your path, we want to offer more than a workshop high. This experience of heightened states and openness are so important to growth but cannot be sustained without regular practice and support. We all have had trusted guidance on our paths, rigorous personal practice and continue to follow this and feel it fundamental to our work. We want to offer some ideas and more tailored support for you in the important post workshop phase.

Enclosed are all the ways we invite you to continue your growth and journey.


If you have a regular practice this is great way to stay in connection with what has opened. If you do not meditate regularly a short daily practice can work wonders. It develops capacity to be present, to be aware of subtle sensation, to be with discomfort, to slow down from automatic mode, and to honor your own growth and care for your own well-being. Here are some guidelines:

  1. 13241236_10157155323560019_9168950735315425226_nSit or lie down in a quiet space and notice how relaxed you feel.
  2. Notice the thoughts, sensations and feelings and try to relax and open to what is present.
  3. Keep returning to the intention of being with whatever is present just as it is.
  4. In the beginning 5 minutes makes a difference, at least 15 minutes a day is highly recommended.
  5. Definitely recommend finding a class, audio, or friend that inspires you to take meditation further


Writing your experiences, insights and especially intentions going forward can be so valuable. It brings more clarity, reinforces learning and is a record to return to at a later date which can deepen learning but also be a reminder. It is easy to forget and mistrust former openness and connection when things get challenging. Good guidelines include:

11816968_10156107951015019_3772205284392809797_n1. Free writing is where you just flow without stopping to think what you are writing. This is great to keep opening and discovering.

2. Following clear questions is good for integrating what has already opened. Suggested questions;

  • What were the important connections that standout to you and on reflection do you understand why?
  • What were the insights that meant most to you?
  • Was there a teaching that impacted you?
  • What are your main intentions moving forward?
  • What are the challenges of taking this learning into your life? – What support do you need?
  • What things do you most have to look out for in yourself and what new opportunities are possible for you from this place?


Having a good cognitive understanding of all the magic that happens in presence and connection has been very important in our journey. Also an understanding of how development works can be very supportive. Highly recommended books include;

  • Ken Wilber = Theory of Everything, Integral Spirituality, and for more personal style and those that would like a story rather than philosophy—Grace and Grit.
  • Marc Gafni = The Unique Self
  • A.H. Almaas = Diamond Heart Approach
  • Tara Brach = Radical Acceptance
  • More basic – Goleman = Emotional intelligence, Destructive emotions
  • The Hero’s Journey (Youtube vid)

Circling /Authentic Connection

12144822_10156349880250019_175638803704781175_nFinding someone to share and receive what you have discovered and how that is feeling is not just important for growth but also grounding. It is easy to forget connection when the demands of a busy life are upon us. It is even better if you have someone who can practice the eye gazing, `I’m noticing`, `I’m imagining`, `what’s it like to be you right now?`.

It is often after a weekend that people around us are not as open and are resistant to the deeper presence we are feeling. This is a confronting situation. We recommend taking as much responsibility as you can for feeling what is present in the connection and owning your experience with these people in your life. See if you can get their world around what it is like to be with you after the workshop. It is easy to blame them for not understanding rather than owning the impact of not feeling connection.

This is one thing that the community can support most with.

Our online practice community CircleAnywhere hosts two facilitated Circles every day. This international community is an incredible resources for challenge and support—it’s one of the best ways to continue deepening in the practice. Check it out and see if it fits your lifestyle—unlimited sessions are just $10 for the first monthmain1copy2

Continued Learning

We run an extensive 6-month training designed specifically to help bring riches experienced in Circling into your everyday life. See for more details.

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Sometimes it can be vulnerable to return home to your daily life and there is not a good support around you. Or you complete a weekend course and you find a deep motivation to take circling or presence deeper into your world. For these situations we are available for integration packages. We can have one or three one-hour sessions with you to support a healthy translation of your experience or to boost you to the next level. This specially priced offer is specifically to support you in the month after your workshop.

Options include:

  • Session with John, Sean or Alanja – 100 Euros
  • Session with Jordan — 100 USD
  • Session with Shara, Marysia, Tina, Valerie — 60 Euros

If you’re really interested in this and finances are a significant issue then please still get in touch.

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