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About this Project
Yes. It is different, but our community consistently reposts that online circles can even be more meaningful and connected than an in-person experience.

Unique benefits include:

  • Seeing everyone at once
  • Seeing yourself
  • Distraction is less likely (and more obvious)
  • Text/chat conversation allows for quick sharing of context without interrupting the flow
  • In a each other’s natural environments
    • This provides a unique form of intimacy
    • And a unique safety
  • Subtle energy is often easier to feel
The specifics of our community also offer some unique benefits:
  • Daily / regular community allows for greater depth, and noticing patterns over time
    • Frequency allows one to rapidly iterate feedback
    • Frequency also makes it easier to try again if something new or difficult arises
  • Easy access even when you’re in a “Circling desert”
  • International group offers unique cultural perspectives
  • Being able to Circle during travel
  • Taking a lunch-break for connection
  • Easier integration into everyday life than a weekend retreat

Of course, there are some drawbacks:

  • No physical touch
  • Only see shoulders up
  • Harder to incorporate movement
  • Little access after a session is over

About the Community


However, we do recommend that you get some experience of Circling before you join us. There are a few ways you can do that:

  • We offer an Online Circling Training that teaches the practice from the ground up with exploration of the Circling principles, different forms (Birthday Circles, Surrendered Leadership) and deeper themes that often emerge.
  • We also offer online introductions to Circle Anywhere once a month. The $15 session fee is waived for first-timers.
  • And we have a “What is Circling?” email series (sign up here if you’re interested).

If you’re ready to direct your own journey in this learning adventure—to dive in the deep end, ask questions and get help along the way, then you’re more than welcome to join.


Our cutting edge platform balances structure and self-organization, allowing you to trust your experience and follow the aliveness of the moment online just as you do in person. Groups are created and destroyed on the fly; you decide which to join in each moment.

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