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About this Project
Yes. It is different, but our community consistently reposts that online circles can even be more meaningful and connected than an in-person experience.

Unique benefits include:

  • Seeing everyone at once
  • Seeing yourself
  • Distraction is less likely (and more obvious)
  • Text/chat conversation allows for quick sharing of context without interrupting the flow
  • In a each other’s natural environments
    • This provides a unique form of intimacy
    • And a unique safety
  • Subtle energy is often easier to feel
The specifics of our community also offer some unique benefits:
  • Daily / regular community allows for greater depth, and noticing patterns over time
    • Frequency allows one to rapidly iterate feedback
    • Frequency also makes it easier to try again if something new or difficult arises
  • Easy access even when you’re in a “Circling desert”
  • International group offers unique cultural perspectives
  • Being able to Circle during travel
  • Taking a lunch-break for connection
  • Easier integration into everyday life than a weekend retreat

Of course, there are some drawbacks:

  • No physical touch
  • Only see shoulders up
  • Harder to incorporate movement
  • Little access after a session is over
We have created a custom software that allows participants to breakout into small group video chats, rejoin the main group, and break out again.

This means we can have 20 people come together in one room, and break into different sized circles based on what’s most alive in the moment. We can also run “noticing games” and other practice exercises in pairs, triads, and quads.

Our experience shows that online circles can even be more meaningful and connected than an in-person experience.

A few simple guidelines will also help the experience:

  • Instead of saying “you,” make sure to use someone’s name so they know who you are talking to
  • Mute yourself when you’re not talking if there’s a lot of background noise (dogs, people, wind, etc)
  • Make sure your computer has battery—plug it in, so you don’t get cut off in the middle of an important moment
  • Minimize movement—both yourself and in the background, as it can be distracting.
  • Make sure to click on the person’s face you are most interested in viewing in the breakout. They should now have a white border around their face. This keeps them on the main screen, even when someone else is talking and the person you’ve clicked is silent. To go back to autoselect, click their box again and the white border will disappear.

  1. Unlimited monthly access, $50 USD/month (€44 month) $479.00 USD/year (€411 year)
  2. Day passes (1/7/30 days)
  3. Event passes (1/5/10 events)

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Please note that payments will be automatically billed each month.

For more information on these options, please see our pricing page.

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You can stop your subscription or update your payment information any time on the subscription management page.

In order to make your Circle Anywhere experience as fun and easy as possible, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a few things figured out with your technology. It’s best to take care of this well before the event!


See our requirements page for all the information you need to prepare your technology.

If you ever run into technical problems on our platform, try the following steps in this order, one at a time.

  1. Refresh your browser tab
  2. Click the red ‘Reload videoconference’ button in the upper right corner
  3. Restart your browser/application
  4. Restart your computer and rejoin the event

If you’re not able to solve your issue, please email, and one of our support staff will be happy to help!

About the Community
This is for people who want to go deep into presence in connection—for people who want to integrate relational presence into their day-to-day lives, and have a really good time meeting each other in the uncertainty of being fully human.

These are the kinds of questions we’re exploring on CircleAnywhere…

  • How can I connect with others from my depth?
  • Can I radically accept myself and my dark spots?
  • Are there other crazy people like me?
  • Who am I?
  • What is this whole life thing about?
  • How do I bring presence into daily life?
  • How do I integrate my meditation practice into difficult relationships?
  • How do I wake up? What is enlightenment?
  • How do I transform myself?
  • How can I lead transformation in others?
  • What shadows are keeping me from fully living?
  • What aren’t I seeing about myself?
  • How can I love completely?
  • What does a self-transforming / 5th order community and practice look like?
  • Being able to feel connected anytime, anywhere

Check out our pricing page to find out more of the benefits and options.

This is not for people who are unwilling to face intense emotions or grow through conflict. We want to welcome the full truth of the moment, in all of its complexity and contradiction—which usually is based in compassion, but sometimes can feel very harsh to someone feeling vulnerable.

This isn’t for people who want to do Circling for their spiritual ego.

It also is not for people who are only into a particular “style” of Circling. Although we all share a commitment to meditating in relationship, each facilitator brings their own unique gifts.

Finally, this isn’t for people who do not use computers, do not have internet access, a video camera, or low quality wifi.

Maybe—that’s up to you.

At the moment our “What is Circling?” email series (sign up here if you’re interested) is the only introduction we offer for those who haven’t done Circling, so we recommend attending an in person Circling Weekend or intro night before joining our platform. (Online intro sessions and an official Online Course are coming by the end of 2016).

That said, if you’re ready to direct your own journey in this learning adventure—to dive in the deep end, ask questions and get help along the way—knowing we aren’t specifically looking out for newcomers (yet), then you’re more than welcome to join. And if you try it only to find out you wish to wait until we have some introductory events ready, let us know and we’re happy to pause or refund your subscription until that time.

We are an international team of people have been deeply inspired by the aliveness, intimacy, and growth that occurs when we pay very close attention to the truth of our relationships and how they evolve from moment-to-moment.

Circle Anywhere was originally developed by Circling Europe’s Jordan Myska Allen and Chad Phillips; it is now an active practice community with facilitators and participants from around the world. For more information, see the About Us page.

We envision a world where deep intimacy and transformational relating is the normal way for us to interact with each other and our environment.

We believe Circling is at the forefront of this movement in human evolution, and that by giving the global Circling community a simple way to connect on a regular basis, we can exponentially grow our impact. There are millions of people who would like to practice this form of alchemical relating yet are bound by geography and time. We believe this will liberate them. And in turn, that they will be more capable of liberating themselves and others in everyday interactions.

Responsibility – Owning our experience by seeking the truth in ourselves and sharing this and not making others responsible for what we feel.

Presence – A trust in what is fundamentally present in experience.

Embodiment – Expanding awareness of the body, emotion and what is happening at the level of sensation when we communicate.

Honouring – Being with and honouring others where they are and profoundly meeting them in their world while honestly sharing the impact they have on us.

Uniqueness – Nobody is left out; we value everyone’s expression and true feelings and trust in the interconnections within a group.

Love – The potential to viscerally feel love and recognition when people meet with true openness and honesty.

Being – ‘Showing up’ in alignment with these values when we lead and when we live our life; taking theory deeper into practice to continually develop our understanding and embodiment.

Connection – A commitment to push our edges and stay in connection with others when things get difficult.

Trust – To cherish uncertainty and to stay with our direct experiences even if they are not immediately understandable.

Alchemy – Transcending and including ‘projection’ by fully trusting and expressing our owned impressions and being open to their transmutation.

Discernment – Working with the world’s most powerful research and ideas to bring about clarity and understanding.


Our cutting edge platform balances structure and self-organization, allowing you to trust your experience and follow the aliveness of the moment online just as you do in person. Groups are created and destroyed on the fly; you decide which to join in each moment.

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