CircleAnywhere offers several different types of events, which are indicated by the color coded calendar at

Surrendered Leadership Circles (dark red colored)

Surrendered Leadership

In powerfully owning our experience, being open to others & holding both the known & unknown elements of this whole group contact, we explore uncharted territory of interconnection. We invite you to consider every moment as an expression of your leadership and surrender.

Surrendered Leadership **2 Hour**

The structure is surrender—we invite you to consider every moment as an expression of your leadership, with presence, trust, and attunement to the whole guiding you. Usually full group.

Birthday Circles (blue/green colored)

Birthday Circles

Explore being with others in their world. Practice the art of relational presence in cultivating deep trust, curiosity and surrender.

Speed Birthday Circling

Bite-sized explorations of presence-in-connection. We’ll have several rounds of dyad Circling + perhaps have some group time.

Theory and Fundamentals (green colored)

The 5 principles of Circling

A dive into the 5 principles—guiding lights on the path to presence, connection and aliveness.

Talks and Theory

Sessions exploring the living wisdom of Circling and Surrendered Leadership that may utilise relevant maps and perspectives.

Circling Fundamentals

Explore and develop your Circling capacities in a session devoted to the distinctions and principles that underpin the practice.