Collecting data to troubleshoot a CircleAnywhere connection

We try our best to make it easy for you to get connected to the CircleAnywhere platform, and, sometimes the complex world of technology thwarts us.

To give us the best chance of figuring out why you’re having trouble, it’s helpful if we can get some basic information about how your computer is trying to connect.

Currently, it’s necessary to collect this information during a CircleAnywhere event (or from the CircleAnywhere Lounge). Follow these steps:

  1. Have CircleAnywhere loaded up in Google Chrome, with the problem actively happening. Make sure there are no other Chrome tabs or windows open
  2. Click the button to open a new browser tab
  3. In the new tab, enter the following in the address bar and hit enter: chrome://webrtc-internals
  4. Some technical information will load on the page. At the top left, there’s text that says Create Dump. Click the arrow to the left of it to open up the options
  5. Click the Download the PeerConnection updates and stats data button near the top
  6. A file will download to your browser’s downloads folder named webrtc_internals_dump.txt
  7. Email that file as an attachment to the email address listed at

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